Responsible Driver

Third Party Motor Vehicle Insurance

We have come up with a third party motor vehicle insurance product in response to the current economic times. This initiative known as Responsible Driver is designed to provide a financial solution to deal with the aftermaths of vehicles involved in accidents causing damage and loss to property of third party entities.

The Responsible Driver insurance product will indemnify policy holder for

  • Loss or damage to third party vehicles or property,
  • Reasonably compensate for death or bodily injury to third parties involved and
  • cater for legal defense costs in case of a litigation.

The Responsible Driver insurance cover is meant to be activated when the policy holder is at fault and charged. 

First Sun Alliance has noted that, with more than 20 years in insurance, accidents and unfortunate incidents tend to happen and it is a reality that road accidents are fortuitous, and their severity cannot be predetermined thus people have to be prepared for against such eventualities.

Responsible driver liability insurance is crucial as costs to effect remedy to the affected third parties tend to be very high. For example, imagine a Honda Fit motor vehicle being involved in an accident with a new model of a Mercedes Benz and the Honda Fit driver is at fault and must fix the Mercedes Benz. If this is done out of pocket, it has the possibility of causing significant financial and economic ruin to the Honda Fit driver while greatly inconveniencing the other driver.

The expense of having to pay one or even two other parties for damages is quite frightening, therefore the value of having the Responsibile Drive 3rd Party Insurance cover cannot be over emphasized as lack of such cover will almost definitely result in lawsuits and financial ruin that takes a long time to recover from in addition to the associated emotional and mental stress.

Responsible Driver is a completely voluntary participatory insurance scheme with the provision that, following an accident, our "RESPONSIBLE DRIVER” will pass all responsibilities to First Sun Alliance which affords the policy holder complete peace of mind, hence our slogan  “TALK TO MY BROKER